Thursday, November 12, 2015

Greatest Life Achievement-Nixie

Greatest Life Achievement-Nixie

My greatest life achievement so far is being a mum to Nemo my baby cat.

I am proud of being a mum to Nemo my baby cat.

Monday, November 9, 2015


You have now been to three different PE sessions- RUN, JUMP and THROW.

Please create something to show what you learned in EACH session.
It is your choice how to show and present this.

Mrs Love
For run we had to race other people and each time it got further.First we had a partner.Then we had to race all the people the same gender and year.I was with the year 4 girls.Then,for the really fast people,they got to run across the whole paddock.Even though I wasn’t fast I still did it for fun.I did it for a challenge.
Mr M
For jump we had to do lots of different jumps.We jumped different jumps on lines and jumped with 2 other different learning buddies.We would form a circle.We played a game of “this is the way that Jenny (or) Jimmy jumps.”Jenny for girl,Jimmy for boy.Since i’m a girl I was Jenny.I had to say,”this is the way that Jenny jumps.” Then I would do a type of jump.Then the group would copy me and say,”this is the way that Jenny jumps.”Then they would jump how I jumped.Then I would say “Jenny nominates…”Then the next person would repeat.             
Miss Plimmer
For throw we had to throw balls to your partner.Each time you threw it to then 5 times without dropping it the partner on the flat side would move back 1.If you dropped it the partner on the flat side would go all the way back from where they started.Next you had to see how far you could throw.You wold be put in a group 1-3.Then you would have a new partner to throw it to.

For P.E we have been doing activities for RUN, JUMP, THROW.For each one we did a different activities.