Monday, February 29, 2016

Week 4:My new pet

My New Pet

 My new pet is a praying mantis and his name is Manti. I was watching a movie on my computer when my mum called me from out the front when she was gardening. She said that she was cutting down thorns and she found a bug and she didn't want to cut it down. Mum knows that I like bugs and she didn't want to touch it. She asked what it was and I told her it was a praying mantis. Then I picked it up and ran inside, got a special shoe box and put manti in it. Then I went of my movie and did lots of research on how to look after praying mantis's. To make a long story short, I looked up how to make a home, how to look after a praying mantis, and how to tell it's gender. I needed to tell Manti's gender because I wanted to to call Manti he or her and I also wanted to know if I could let Manti have baby's. I needed to know if Manti could have baby's because when praying mantis's mate, the female praying mantis bites of the male mantis' head half way through mating and then when they are finished the male mantis dies.Manti is a male and if I let Manti mate, he will die.
I have had Manti for longer than two weeks now and he has learnt to listen to me. I trust him.
Manti is safe in his box and he can't get out.
We have a great relationship.

Thursday, February 11, 2016

My First Blog Post 2016

Hello,and welcome back to 2016.My name is Nixie and I was born in 2/7/06 Hastings New Zealand and I am 9 years old turning 10.There are 5 people in my house,Mum,Lana,Jacob, Me and my baby cat ,Nemo.This year so far my favourite thing that I am learning about is swimming because we have a pool at home and I swim in it every day (I love swimming for short,)and I also got a massive tan-line of my togs over this summer.My mum even sometimes says I have white togs on.A am blogging this because I want you to be able to know about me when you read my blogs.One thing I am looking forward to this year is camp because I've never been camping with a class before.