Friday, June 24, 2016

Passion Project

This is my passion project and it is about cats. I hope you enjoy it! Thank you for reading my passion project.

Sunday, June 19, 2016

My Matariki Reflection

This is my Matariki refection. I chose to write about it because I really enjoyed Matariki day.
My Matariki Reflection

Share what your favourite part of the day was and explain why (because).
My favourite part of the day was doing Zumba because it was really fun exercising while dancing.

Share a time you used a learning muscle. Describe how you used it.
I used the learning muscle Perseverance when I was doing Zumba because I took it serious but also had fun.

Describe your biggest challenge of the day.
My biggest challenge of the day was dancing to the songs because some of them were really hard.

Finish this sentence:
The best thing about Matariki is that we all had fun.

Write a sentence for each letter (PRIDE) about how you showed PRIDE on our Matariki Day.
Personal Best: Pushing myself as hard as I could.
Respect and Responsibility:Being a leader of Zumba
Integrity:Having fun and showing pride.
Determination:Pushing myself to do the dances.
Enjoyment:Having fun while exercising.

A photo of me on Matariki day during the 20160607_114844.jpg Workshop:Zumba