Sunday, August 30, 2015


My Daddy
My daddy's name is Carl Hayes.He grew up in Hawkes Bay and then he moved to Wellington.In 1012 he moved to Australia Perth but he has now moved to Townsville north Queensland. In October he is moving to Sydney. Even though he lives in Australia I still get to see him by going on Skype every Sunday and every holiday he comes to visit me.


  1. My daughters name is Nixie Buchanan. She grew up in Hawkes Bay, and then moved to Wellington. In 2015 she moved back to Hawkes Bay. Even through she lives in Hastings, I still get to Skype her on the weekend and see her in the school holidays. Very soon I am moving to Sydney, which is a lot closer than Townsville or Perth. That means I can see her more often!

    She is the most awesome kid! She loves animals (a lot). She is very kind and always thinks of other people first. I am very proud that she is my daughter and I love her sooooooo much.

    She also could have found a photo that is of me smiling rather than one from Google.... xoxox

    1. Ha ha ha. Very funny and sad at the same time.There was another Google photo with you smiling.

  2. Great blog post cant wait for the next one

  3. AWESOME BLOG POST NIXIE! you must miss him so much!